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  • Hoax? Yes: Intel Not Changing a Thing, Despite Death and Destruction Caused by Israel
    Aug 7 2014

    Regarding the press release from Intel this morning about suspending investments in Israel, it of course was a hoax. However most of the quotes in the press release were, in fact, real. They came from Intel's actual Code of Conduct and Corporate Responsibility Reports, which anyone can read on their website.

    The purpose was to show the disconnect between what companies say and do regarding corporate responsibility and human-rights. Intel is not unique in their inaction with respect to their stated corporate citizenship values.

    Intel taking a stand against an out of control government would make them a better corporate citizen. I received many calls and emails praising Intel for the decision they made (really did not make). It was a press release that so many were relieved to see, and one that I wished to see. One emailer said "God bless you and your corporation". Companies should really try doing the right thing sometimes. They might be surprised.

    In the 1980's GM took a stand against oppression from the government of South Africa. Why can't Intel be the GM of our time? They can be. According to their own public proclamations, they should be.

    I encourage all to do a simple picture search for "gaza casualties". Unlike this hoax, that is what it truly horrifying. Children are not terrorists. Now they must try to rebuild their imprisoned lives, while the Israeli blockade is still in effect, in addition to damaged electric generation and water treatment.

    One of the worst things about the conflict is that our tax dollars helped make this destruction possible. And that fact is not lost on other people in the world who are paying attention to this conflict. This hurts America's image just as much as it does Israel's.

    I encourage people to make donations for the relief efforts in Gaza:


    MECA For Peace


    Jewish Voice for Peace